Field of expertise

The Basin Committee based its action on Local Water Committees, Local consultation, exchange, animation and promotion activities involving all stakeholders at the local level for water resources management.
The areas of jurisdiction of the Local Committees Water correspond to sub-basins or stretches of subwatershed that structure the Agency's competence space Water Liptako.
The Committees Water Facilities are recognized by a regulatory act taken by the competent authority in accordance with the legislation in force.


The Committees Water Facilities consist of representatives of the state, water users and local authorities in their area of expertise.


The Committees Water Facilities are responsible for:

  • seek permanent membership of water stakeholders (administration, users, Local Authorities, traditional authorities, civil society organizations) in the joint management of water resources through education, information and training;
  • initiate and support at the sub-basin development, promotion, protection and restoration of water resources in relation to the relevant local structures, particularly by supporting the development and implementation of Schemes land use and water resources management (SAGE);
  • develop synergy consultation and horizontal and vertical actions with other water management bodies;
  • initiate and implement, through masters of public or private works and in accordance with the regulations, solutions to development issues and water management (competition and water use conflicts, protection and water conservation and environments that depend, development and exploitation of water resources, etc.);
  • give an opinion on the projects of the Water Agency Liptako;
  • arbitrate local disputes related to the use of water in its jurisdiction.

For more information, see the section of the Convention on the functions and powers of CLE (French)


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