The Director General ensures the functioning of the Water Agency Liptako under the authority of the Board and the conditions set by the Basin Committee. He is the principal officer of the budget of the Water Agency Liptako.
It reports to the Board of Directors of the activities of the Water Agency Liptako. It is at the disposal of the Council a monthly status of implementation of expenditure under the Agency's program of activities.
In dealing with third parties, the CEO is the Water Agency Liptako in all acts of civil life.
It may also, subject to the approval of the Chairman of the Board, to court.
General Management proposes to the Council for adoption, a flowchart of the Water Agency Liptako.

Appointment of the CEO

The Water Agency Liptako is headed by a Director General appointed by decree of the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Minister of technical supervision.

For more information, see the section of the Convention on the General Direction (French)

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