For those who follow the news on water in Burkina Faso, one realizes the available water resource for all remains to solve an equation in terms of the diversity and strength of demand for the ever increasing needs.

Indeed the growth of the population of 9 million in 2005 to over 16 million today with its many needs, numerous economic development projects initiated, environmental needs addressing climate change put water in the heart of the concerns of governments and ruled countries vulnerable to droughts like ours.

Faced with these challenges there arises the need for governance of water resources that can allow everyone to take advantage of this vital resource. The Water Agency Liptako has a mission to engage with all stakeholders the actions that will enhance the watershed of its space as a suitable framework for planning and water resource management. She also works with the coordination of actions related to the issue of water resources and consultation to prepare and implement, in optimal rationality conditions, policies and decisions taken in the field of water.

This vast project in constant turmoil that requires a wealth of knowledge and a renewal of knowledge sharing between actors, makes the need for an institution such as Agency Water Liptako (AEL) for exchange, communication, consultation, expertise.

In this age where time and information are valuable commodities, this site aims to share, consolidate and make visible the good practices and experiences in sustainable management of resources to all partners interested in our achievements and challenges.

May this communication platform allowing us to share our ambition is to make our Sahel region, an area where water is a factor of development and not a source of conflict.

Happy reading!


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