The school environment is an ideal framework to know and create favorable conditions for successful implementation of the Integrated Management of Water Resources (IWRM). It is this spirit a series of conference on IWRM was organized this year in 2014 by the General Direction of Liptako Water Agency to the benefit of students of high schools in its area of jurisdiction.
The overall objective of these conferences was to introduce to students of secondary schools in the area of jurisdiction of the Water Agency Liptako, the concept of "integrated water resources management (IWRM)" for participatory management of water resources.
The lectures concerned provincial high schools Yagha, Soum, Seno, Oudalan, the Samantenga, Namentenga and county high school Pissila.

It allowed students of these schools to learn in particular the content of the national water policy document and what it is that IWRM, the institutional framework for implementation of this policy, the Agency water Liptako and water laws and regulations. These conferences have been very successful in terms of student engagement during presentations and messages that have been conveyed. Surroundings 1,400 students were lectured in the space of competence.

Some pictures of this activity...

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