Our Grants 2014

In accordance with its mission, the Water Agency Liptako (AEL) has to implement concrete actions on the ground in view to making effective IWRM in its space management through the resolution of real problems of population in connexion with water. Some of these problems are, among others, the filling of the dams, the threats on dikes and dams generally to the availability of water for production. Therefore, although the SDAGE (fundamental document for planning and policy actions on the entire basin) AEL is not yet available, emergency actions are taken to address the needs of populations . Among these are the awareness on bad practices, shares of bank protection (delimitation and reforestation ....), Treatment of gullies or ditches and building capacity of local actors to better contribute to effective IWRM in AEL management space.

It is in this sense that with the Local Committees for Water (CLE) and Local Authorities of its space management, water agency Liptako conducts bank protection through reforestation activities, sensitization of stakeholders and delineation of banks through grants. These grants are awarded on the basis of an annual activity program through a specific agreement between the parties addictive.

The aim of the protocols is to set the terms of allocation and fund management for the implementation of the selected activities.
Thus, under the year 2014, the total amount of AEL subsidies for the implementation of actions to protect and restore water resources amounted to twenty-three million eight hundred and ninety-two thousand (23,892,000) CFA francs as follows:

1. CLE Lilgouré: Two million six hundred and forty thousand (2,640,000) CFA to achieve protection activities at he dam of Lilgouré  through the realization of bunds along the dam (6000 m), revegetation of stone lines (6000 plants) and capacity building of local actors.

2. CLE Yakouta: Three million seven hundred twenty and twinty five (3,725,000) CFA to achieve protection activities at the dam of Yakouta in the treatment of ravines or gullies identified in the sub-basin said dam, reforestation (planting of 10,000 plants) and capacity building of local actors. .

3. Mayor of Dori: Twelve million and five hundred thousand (12,500,000) to implement the work of demarcation of protection Dam Yakouta (consultations with social strata, topographical survey, preparation and implementation of the terminals, reforestation)

4. Mayor of Tin Akoff: Five million (5,000,000) CFA to implement the work of bank protection of water courses Beli (fixing sand dunes, achieving bunds, stone threshold of realization dry and reforestation) in the town of Tin Akoff.

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