In order to boost Local Committees of Water and raise general awareness of the population on issues of management and protection of natural resources, the Water Agency Liptako began recording since 2012 a budget line to ensure a better functioning of these committees management in its space. This line is written to provide technical and financial support from the funds of the technical and financial partners of ASDI and DANIDA to carry out the work contributing to the protection, preservation and restoration of water resources.
For this purpose a grant is awarded to each Local Committee for Water in an agreement signed between the presidents of CLE and  General Director of the Water Agency Liptako. The Agency's management space Water Liptako currently  has three Local Committees for Water, which are: the Local Water Committee of Yakouta, the Local Committee for Water of Lilgouri and Local Water Committee of  Kanbi-West. Of these three CLE  only Kanbi-West has not benefited from the financial support of 2014. The total sum allocated to subsidize these three local committees of Water is ten million hundred and forty-eight thousand eight hundred (10148800) CFA in 2012, six million and three hundred thousand (6.3 million) CFA francs in 2013 and six million three hundred and sixty-five thousand (6,365,000) CFA in 2014. The purpose of this grant is to implement activities related to the protection, preservation, restoration and good management of water resources. To do this from 2012 until 2014, the Water Agency Liptako through its three Local Committees for Water has managed to achieve concretely on the ground 5 km Hedges, 51.5 ha of bunds, 34000 seedlings planted, 150 m2 of filtration dikes and 5 km from reforestation.


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